Selecting a Truck Driving Occupation Section VII – Tankers and Flatbeds

In part one of dream drivers collection, Selecting A Truck Driving Task Part I: Things That Result All Companies, we talked about various factors and issues which can impact your knowledge at any corporation you check out do the job for.

Partly two, “Choosing A Truck Driving Position Element II: You and “Your People” Are classified as the Most significant Factor”, we discussed surrounding oneself together with the suitable persons, knowledge variables that impact the freight you are going to be receiving, and things you can perform to place on your own inside the finest position to triumph.

Partially three, “Choosing A Truck Driving Position Element III: How All your family members and Lifestyle Will Have an affect on Your Choice”, we deemed your character and way of living. Are you married? Do you have youngsters? Does one adore adventure? Just how long would you want to be away from your home? These issues all determine to the means of selecting the right truck driving career.

Partially four, “Choosing A Truck Driving Career Section IV: Advantages of Big Trucking Companies”, we obviously talked about the benefits of working at a massive trucking corporation.

In part 5, “Choosing A Truck Driving Position Part V: Comparing Big Trucking Organizations To Small Ones”, we as opposed doing work for firms of various dimensions.

Partly six, “Choosing A Truck Driving Occupation Portion VI: Dry Van and Refrigerated Companies”, we talked somewhat little bit about lifetime around the road which has a dry van or simply a refrigerated provider.

Now, in part seven, we’ll talk just a little bit about driving for the tanker or flatbed carrier.

You may notice that there’s not as well substantially of the difference between driving for your dry van provider vs a refrigerated carrier, but pulling a tanker or maybe a flatbed can be a complete various point entirely. There are numerous substantial discrepancies among the lifestyles along with the task duties of flatbed and tanker motorists.


Pulling a flatbed can be a exceptional strategy to come up with a residing in trucking, and when you request any one that does it they’ll convey to you there’s absolutely nothing uncomplicated about it. Perfectly, most “flatbedders” are relatively hard fellas and given that I do think over it, they could notify you you can find very little to it. And for them, it is really almost certainly primarily real. It’s its moments of course, but in general a lot of people which make their dwelling in this manner get pleasure from the actual physical work, and enjoy the distinctive troubles that occur alongside with it.

Some of the variances are noticeable – you must use chains or straps to carry down your load, and often occasions you need to tarp the load to protect it from the things. These careers in many cases are cumbersome at best, tough a lot of time, and there are a variety of rules and laws that govern the methods used to secure your load. The DOT regulations loosely specify the kinds of kit you will need to use, along with some of the methods you will need to use to secure the load. And believe me, the DOT is looking at carefully!

I was relieved whenever I pulled into a weigh station and there was a flatbed in advance of me. Odds are, if the DOT is considering examining someone out, the flatbeds more often than not go first. I pulled dry van the vast majority of my several years about the highway, and we ended up significantly fewer interesting towards the DOT when compared to the flatbeds, for obvious factors.

The do the job of securing and releasing your load is very actual physical, and often situations rather tough. The tarps, chains, and straps are pretty significant and often times that you are out while in the weather receiving the load secured or released by oneself. The tarps, straps, and chains get soaked, icy, and very challenging to handle in weak weather conditions, let alone you might be out there crawling about on the load trying to have every little thing situated. It might be quite dangerous. I have listened to quite a few, numerous stories of serious injuries from fellas falling off of trailers.

Now usually there are some pros to pulling a flatbed also. Frequently the tractor as well as load you might have are far shorter in height than your common vehicles, so it truly is easier to suit beneath reduced bridges within the towns. Also, the reduced profile will help the crosswinds go all-around you a bit greater on slick streets during the wintertime. And and lastly, it is a fascinating method to make a dwelling. There is certainly generally a new challenge, a range of diverse styles of hundreds to protected, and there is a bit of a camaraderie among the flatbed motorists. It’s a fascinating and complicated method of truck driving, but I would not endorse it to anyone who is not the hardy form.

Liquid Tankers

Now I pulled a food-grade tanker to get a 12 months 1 time and i genuinely appreciated it. I in no way pulled a chemical tanker and that i was never too enthusiastic about carrying out so. I wasn’t as well significant on the notion of remaining around a lot of dangerous supplies or pulling HAZMAT masses very frequently.

Food items quality tankers are exciting nevertheless. There are no baffles from the tank, so there is nothing to maintain the liquids from sloshing around. It requires a bit of time for you to study tips on how to change the truck as the liquid sloshing will thrust or sluggish down the truck enough the change is not going to execute for the pace you might be now likely. You need to “time” your shifts in an effort to get rolling. It can be no large deal – but it surely usually takes some practice.

You also should be more watchful on slick roads, in turns, and when braking. That liquid moves in all places and you simply must generally bear in mind of what it’ll do prior to deciding to try maneuvering the truck. You don’t get a lot of next prospects in the event you test to produce also aggressive of the go.

Also, you will need to have the tank washed out just after nearly every load. This can take a ton of extra time, and imply a lot of added operating all-around in between loads. But, from time to time it is a aid mainly because a two hour nap is just just what the physician purchased!

Finally, you are doing really need to aid unload the truck occasionally by hooking up some hoses. Most liquid tankers also have hydraulic pumps on the again and occasionally you can must run the pump to unload the tank. Yet again, it is really not a big offer, nonetheless it includes the territory.

The benefits to pulling a liquid tanker are that the crosswinds stream around the tank nicely, you don’t have to worry about getting your axle weights modified since the liquid is self-balancing, and most in the tractors and tanks are pretty quick in peak, so small bridges usually are not as much of a issue.

Most new drivers will not be dealing with organizations that haul bulk shipments in dry tankers, like flour, sugar, and sand, but there’s not also significantly of a variation in the position and life-style from that of the liquid tanker. There are actually significantly more area careers for dry bulk tankers nevertheless than you can find over the road work.

So as you’ll be able to see, there are a few considerable differences in occupation responsibilities and life in case you are gonna be pulling a tanker or maybe a flatbed vs a dry van or maybe a refrigerated trailer.

While in the last element of our sequence we’re going to look at the most effective solutions to uncover out if a business you’re thinking about driving for is one particular you might be pleased with.

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