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SEOPressor Review – Consumer Report & Fact Sheet

Before you go through this page, I would like to address to a concern that many of you may be having right now.

I want to be upfront with you. Yes, at the end of this review, I am going to give you an affiliate link to the product. On this very page, there won’t be any overhyped claims like “This is going to make you $1000 in less than 3 hours!”. Instead, I will be providing information on how this plugin can genuinely help you. If after reading this page you think I am not providing you with anything useful, then be my guest to leave this page.

However if you feel that I’ve given you a lot of valuable info, then you should feel obligated to get this plugin. I think that’s fair!

Now on to the review…

SEOPressor is NOT a magic pill to put automated money into your bank account. Instead, it is a plugin that will definitely make your life easier, as far as on-page SEO is concerned.

SEOPressor review

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This plugin comes into use when making a post or a page on wordpress. When you are done writing and you save your work as a draft, SEOPressor will grade your content in terms of SEO.

SEOPressor reviewIts algorithms make calculations based on your keyword density and tags used. For example, if you are creating a post and want to optimize it for the keyphrase “become an affiliate”, this term needs to appear several times throughout your article (not stuffed, but naturally appear).

SEOPressor calculates this keyword density for you and tells you whether it is in the correct range or not.

Another factor that affects on-page SEO is the tags used (especially the H1 tags). If you are not using the H1 tag, SEOPressor will remind it to you. Actually SEOPressor will also tell you if you’ve used the H2 and H3 tags as well.

Download SEOPressor and Automate Your On-Page SEO Now!

If you are in the SEO field yourself, you probably know that bolding, italicizing and underlining some of your main keyword phrases helps search engines like Google see that your content is really relevant to the subject matter (or niche). But seriously, how much have you applied this knowledge? Do you bold your keywords each time you write your content? And even if you do, how long does it take you?

With SEOPressor, you don’t have to worry about this small (but critical) SEO factor. Just write your content, enter your main keyword in the SEOPressor field and hit Publish.

Your keyword phrase will automatically be bolded, italicized or underlined randomly!

Do know about the benefits of having an image with an ALT tag? Many so-called experts don’t. If your keyword is “dog training methods” and you have an image with the ALT tag “dog training methods”, Google will just love your page!

But where does SEOPressor come in?

You add an image in your post or page (any image) and your ALT tag automatically changes to your main keyword once you hit the Publish button.

SEOPressor is nothing but a great piece of software I personally use to take care of my on-page SEO factor (I don’t need to consciously think about it anymore). I now have more time to focus on creating great content and building backlinks to my pages.

SEOPressor review

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3 Responses to “SEOPressor Review – Consumer Report & Fact Sheet”

  1. SEOPressor proved itself within the first couple weeks of use, for me. Although I’m not going to give you specific sites or keywords, I will tell you that within 2 weeks of using SEOPressor to optimize some existing posts on one of my sites, I saw several of those break through onto the first page. We’re talking very minor, non-competitive terms here, but this represents progress nonetheless, and required NOTHING other than a few minutes with SEOPressor to get these results.

  2. I’m not going to give you specific sites or keywords, I will tell you that within 2 weeks of using SEOPressor to optimize some existing posts on one of my sites,

  3. I have used SEO Processor on 3 of my sites and have seen incredible results. At first I was not sure if this plugin was going to work. Slowly but surely I did see my site climb the search engine on Google. This is a good product!

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