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WordPress SEO Plugin

“The Amazingly Effective SEO Plugin For WordPress

That Automates Your On-Page SEO and Puts Powerful

SEO Leverage In Your Hands!”

When it comes to SEO, it is important that you extract SEO leverage from both your on-page and off-page SEO factors.  Today we are going to discuss on-page SEO and an exciting new WordPress SEO Plugin that is set to revolutionize the way you do your on-page SEO, FOREVER!

Imagine if there was a WordPress SEO Plugin that could take the stress out of your on-page SEO.  A plugin that not only improved your on-page SEO automatically, but enabled you to see EXACTLY how effective your on-page SEO is BEFORE you post!  Sounds great, right?

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Ok, before we get to that, let us explore on-page SEO…

The Key Factors in On-Page SEO

There are a number of factors that affect the effectiveness of your on-page SEO, namely, the density, decoration and positioning of your target keywords.  A keyword density of 2% – 5% of the overall word count is generally considered positive. Anything in excess of this is in danger of incurring a penalty from the Search Engines.

Another strategy that has been shown to be effective when your pages are crawled is the use of text decorations (font size, bold, italic & underline) on your keywords.  However, again, overuse of text decorations renders them ineffective and can be penalized by search engines.

In terms of keyword positioning, for maximum benefit, your target keywords should appear in the

  • URL
  • Description Tag
  • Title Tag
  • Header Tags (H1, H2 etc)
  • First & Last Paragraph
  • Alt Text of Images

As you can see, gaining maximum SEO leverage from your on-page factors involves a checklist of tasks and it is a lot to remember!  If only someone developed a great new SEO Plugin for WordPress that could automate the process…


SEOPressor… An exciting new SEO plugin for WordPress  that puts the power to maximise your on-page SEO and extract vital SEO leverage right in the palm of your hand.

This simple, but clever SEO plugin has 2 key functions that will save you time and help you ensure you maximise the benefits gained from on-page SEO:

  • Automates some of the important on-page SEO factors listed above
  • Crawls, rates and scores your pages for SEO value instantly enabling you to fine tune your pages!

How SEOPressor Works…

SEOPressor uses a strict algorithm to test all the key factors of your on-page SEO.  You simply enter your main keyword in the field provided and let this incredible SEO plugin do the rest!

SEO Plugin

First, SEOPressor will crawl your title and ensure it contains your keyword.  If not, it will enter it for you using the following format:

Your Title | Your Keyword

Next it will crawl your text looking at your page headings (H1, H2, H3 etc.) and text decorations (bold, italic & underline) to see how well you have used your keyword.  It will then, automatically, apply each type of text decoration once each.

Keyword density is explored and calculated along with the length of your content.  As these are key factors considered by Google when crawling your page.  Finally, checks are made on the position of your keywords, particularly in the first and last paragraph and image alt text, and an overall on-page SEO score is given, INSTANTLY!

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So, What Are The Benefits Of An SEO Plugin That Calculates An SEO Score On Your Pages?

As SEOPressor’s algorithm was designed for Google, the higher your pages score the better they will perform in SERPS.  Research has shown that pages that have a score of 35% + perform well for their main keyword and so, they become valuable secondary landing pages, thereby, extracting valuable organic traffic.

Having an instantaneous score enables you to ‘fine tune’ your pages BEFORE you post them to ensure they score above 35%.  This maximises the on-page SEO leverage.

Combined with the automated features mentioned earlier, this makes SEOPressor an impressive SEO plugin you simply can not afford to miss!

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The bad news is, SEOPressor is not publicly available YET… The good news is that we will be bringing it to you, RIGHT HERE, as soon as it is released.  If you just can’t wait to get your copy of this awesome new WordPress SEO plugin, sign up for our exclusive email updates and be the first to secure your copy of SEOPressor!



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    Yes, seo pack is great. Combine that with seo friendly images plugin and automatic seo links plugin and you will save some time doing on-page seo.



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  5. The All-in-one SEO pack is probably the mother of all WordPress SEO plugins. That’s why it’s also my favorite SEO-related plugin for WordPress. This plugin automatically optimizes your blog for search engines. The best part of this plugin is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it. Everything is really straightforward and a lot of the functions are automated.

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  7. I think this plugin should be great if it is release as commercial. I am worry that Google can adapt to the SEO automation and change its algorithm.

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    Thanks for the wordpress plugin, it’s simple to use.

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    I have been looking for this plugin so long time. It save me alot of time.

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